The Best Buying Guide For A Hammock Stand

hammock stand

Once you have chosen a hammock, you need to find a good hammock stand to make it comfortable. You need to look for the perfect stand for your hammock otherwise you will never enjoy sleeping in it comfortably. Here’s what you need to know about buying a hammock stand and the various types available. Keep in mind that these stands come in metal or wooden variety but currently there’s a new wicker stand in the market.

When you’re buying the stand, make sure it’s 2 feet longer than the hammock itself when you measure from one ring to the other. Most of the stands you will find in the market are about 15 feet in length. Also, when you’re buying your hammock, make sure the hardware such as the hooks for installing the stand come ready. Metallic stands are the most common because they are considerably cheaper, more durable, provide increased security and overall stability.

When you’re buying a metallic stand for your hammock, make sure it’s powder coated to prevent rusting or weather damage. Most of these stands can also be assembled and disassembled in a very short time so they are easy to store during the colder seasons when you can’t hang your hammock outside. There are also wooden stands that prove to be more appealing because they are mainly used for decorative purposes.

Most of the wooden stands are made out of plywood and can fit your hammock as long as you get one that’s 2 feet longer as recommended. Keep in mind that when you’re buying a stand for your hammock, you need to consider the weight recommendations. Therefore, whether you or anyone else in your family will be using it, make sure you get the right weight because the hammock will just fall apart.

There are many places to purchase your stands. You can always rely on retail stores in your area that provide these products. Also, you can choose any reputable online site to get your stand. However, most people advice visiting a physical store rather than getting the stand online. That way, you can measure everything to make sure that it’s actually what you need. Who knows, you can actually try out the displayed hammock and make sure it fits perfectly. You can also choose to purchase the hammock and stand in the same place to avoid further inconveniences when you’re setting it up in your backyard.