Many people buy laptops for their computing needs, and they have to decide between getting the Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive as a storage component. Which one is the better choice for your laptop? HDD OR a Disco SSD?

There is no precise answer to this question because every buyer has different needs and requirements and the solution of this question depends upon the evaluation done on the different needs, your budget, and of course preferences.

Comparison between SSD and HDD:

  • Disco SSD consumes less power, averages 2 to 3 watts. That also results in a 30+ minute battery boost. Whereas, HDD consumes much more power and consumes an average 6 to 7 watts that’s the reason it uses more battery.
  • SSP is expensive as a comparison to the HDD as it may cost $0.20 per GB. But, on the other side, HDD cost $0.03 per GB. HDD is exceptionally cheap as a comparison to the SDD.
  • SSD has a small capacity as compared to the HDD. Such as, SSD has one terabyte for the notebook sizes drives and four terabytes for desktops as max. Whereas HDD is typically around 500 gigabytes and two terabytes for notebook size drives, and ten terabytes maximum for the desktops.
  • SSD has an operating system boot time of 10-13 seconds as average. HDD has an average boost up time around 30 – 40 seconds.
  • SDD has no spinning parts; that’s why it doesn’t make any noise. Whereas, spinning in HDD can sometimes result in some vibration.
  • SSD is 30 % faster than the HDD.
  • Magnets can erase data from the HDD, but it doesn’t have any effect on the SSD.
  • SSD and HDD, both support the FULL DISK ENCRYPTION in some models.